We have many years of extensive professional experience in serving small & medium-sized businesses. Our complete package has a very personal and professional approach, designed to provide a comprehensive service to take care of all your tax needs. 

Our package includes:

  • Financial Statement (Indispensable tools for tax planning and management control)
  • General Ledger (Provide detailed records for reference)
  • Vendor Ledger
  • California Sales Tax (On time filing, NO penalty)
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Loan Amortization
  • Personal Property Tax Statement

Our firm is operated by seasoned CPAs, and we promise to give you the very best personalized service.  Our fees are surprisingly low and are designed to include everything your business needs for accounting.  Simply think of us as your ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT.

"Your Payroll and Accounting Department"

Payroll-Easy BBB Business Review